Bath Treats

Bath Bombs and Fizzes

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Holiday Honey Soap

100% Organic natural honey soap

Doughnut Soaps

Inedible Soaps


Mother’s Day

Floral Soaps



Cupcake soaps available 



5 lbs. blocks of pre-cut soap!

Valentine’s Day Popsicles

Non-edible luxury soap!


Get Clean

With all natural honey soaps


Bridal Soaps

His & Hers!

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Personal Name Soaps

Pre-Cut Soap with your name!

Wine Soaps

With Grape Seed Oil


Beer Soap

For men AND women!


Special Gifts

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    Natural and Vegan Soaps Available
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    Special Gifts
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    Bath Treats
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    Bath Treats
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    Special Bath Treats
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    Vegan Soap
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    Vegan Soap
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    Santa Soap!
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    Christmas Bath Treats
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    Valentine’s Gift Soap
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    Beer Soap!
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    Bath Treats
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    Bath Treats
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  • Doughnut Soaps

    Doughnut Soaps

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  • Special Christmas Soaps

    Special Christmas Soaps

  • Kiss of Rose Bridal Soaps

    Kiss of Rose Bridal Soaps

  • Kiss of Rose Bridal Soaps

    Kiss of Rose Bridal Soaps

  • Kiss of Rose Bridal Soaps

    Kiss of Rose Bridal Soaps

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  • New Baby Soaps!

    New Baby Soaps!

  • New Baby Soaps!

    New Baby Soaps!

  • New Baby Soaps!

    New Baby Soaps!

  • New Baby Soaps!

    New Baby Soaps!

Mix & Match Your Own Soap

All Soaps Are Available for Wholesale.  Call To Inquire!

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About us


Opulence of Extravagant Soaps is a representation of only the finest luxury, top quality oils used in our soap making products to promote beautiful healthy looking skin.

Our sumptuous, rich, elaborate soaps will provide your skin only the very best moisturizing and conditioning benefits.

I enjoy educating opulent consumers on a variety of ingredients used on the skin and their many benefits!

Latania Michelle
The Wealthy Women’s Network


  • I’ve never had luck finding a good product for shaving until I came across the beer shaving soap.  Great feel, silky smooth, easy to shave with and has beer! Awesome product that I will be buying again.

    Dan K

  • The bath treats are AMAZING!  Helps me relax and feel great!  At that price, I’ll be back for more!

    Laura S

  • I was looking for a unique gift to get my wife for valentine’s day, and through you, I’ve finally found one.  She just loves the bath fizzes and seems to spend more time in there than with me!  You’ve got a repeat customer in us and we’ll be sure to spread the word.

    Tom H

  • I love the way your soaps make my skin feel! Nothing has been able to make my skin as silky smooth as your soaps!

    Tammy U

Michael Tubbs
Mayor of Stockton, California.


Opulence of Extravagant Soaps

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